25 Apr 2013

” All of Me”, 5 Week Intensive Group on Intimacy: our longings and our fears

   ” For the raindrop, the joy is in entering the river…”    Ghalib


” All of Me” is a 5 week intensive which will begin in June. I am offering two sections: one for individuals wanting to explore this sensitive and relevant topic and one for couples who want to explore this together in a safe and supportive environment.
Intimacy in relationships : how that plays out in the sexual arena, in partnership, with money, living together; with choices about lifestyle; relationships that last for a long time or shorter term relationships. Learning that sex and how we relate to eachother with our bodies and our hearts and minds evolves over time as we evolve: the nature of how we express ourselves not only in verbal language but in sexual and behavioral language changes shape. We are developing new vocabulary as we grow and change together and as individuals. Sometimes we feel we are giving too much and sometimes we feel deprived. We all long to be taken care of but may be afraid of the closeness and vulnerability that invokes. We long to be cradled and yet sometimes touch and connecting feels overwhelming. We long to be as one and we are often afraid of losing ourselves in closeness. Developing an ease and a language of intimacy starts within ourselvs and emanates out into our relationships. Our ” gifts of imperfection” as Brene Brown says, help us learn to open up to re-visiting and re-shaping and deepening our intimacy with ourselves and our partners as we grow ..

Sessions meet for one hour and ten minutes a week on Tuesday evenings and are $25 a session, for 5 weeks.

Come and join us for this very beautiful and evocative workshop!

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