16 Oct 2012

Therapy Practice and Vocal Studio expanding to Astoria location: Groups, workshops and individual work!


As of  January 1, my work will expand to Astoria in my office and studio on Mondays and Saturdays!!

Groups and workshops during the day and evening!

Individual and family work day and evening appointments!                       


First groups to begin forming in Astoria will be:

4 week intensives:

"Self Care Boot Camp for Moms"
"Practicing Compassion: towards ourselves and others"
"Body and Soul", for women and about women and our self image

Vocal Workshops:

"Introduction to Singing"
"How to Coach yourself on your audition material: breaking it down and running with it!"

Join me and other participants in Astoria!! Get more information and sign up for details Here.

21 Aug 2012

New Groups Forming in Mid-September: Working with Joy and Focus!

New groups are forming in mid-September and are open to anyone, not only clients in my practice!

"Change", an intensive 4 week exploration into this complex and ever relevant subject!

"Practicing Compassion: Towards ourselves and towards others", an intensive 4 week exploration into the world of compassion and the practice of compassion in our lives

8 week Anxiety group, focusing on breaking anxiety down, understanding our own struggles with it, our own habits and working on learning to employ strategies and practices to diffuse its power!

Each group is $30 per session and the schedule is evenings according to participants' schedules!

See you there!


14 Jul 2012

Self Care Group for Astoria Moms!

Self Care For Moms: a 4 week Intensive Group
Meetings in Astoria

Self care may be the most elusive of all the things we are learning in these complex times and especially for mothers who are giving so much energy, time , love and support to their children!

My ideas about self care have to do with working in joy and focus daily to cherish ourselves as we cherish our children, our work our partners and our friends.

Self care includes how to organize and sustain eating and exercise that helps us feel vital energy in our bodies and minds. It includes promoting rest, practices that help us to quiet our minds; it includes activities or routines that spark the creative part of our brains which refreshes our sense of self , our mood and our imagination.
Consistent and evolving self care can also mitigate bouts of anxiety, depression or fatigue as well!

Self care is about exploring what we have inside us to find peace, balance and joy and to love ourselves like we love those around us!

This 4 week intensive group meets once a week for an hour and so we dive right into this subject and work together to explore this very important concept, to investigate our feelings about it, our blocks , our intentions and our capacity to grow and flourish!

The group meets in Astoria in my home in an airy, beautiful space which is comfortable and spacious and convenient to get to: at Crescent and 30th Drive.
Fee is $30 per session, and is insurance reimbursable.

Come join us for some good work on taking care of ourselves!

Next session begins mid - August and a second in early September. Meeting times are scheduled according to interested members’ schedules and are available days or nights weekdays and Sundays!

Susan Lambert, LCSW

14 Jul 2012

Online Workshops and Skype Sessions!


Watch for new online workshops and continuing Skype work with individuals!

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