02 Nov 2012

Compassionate Words from Sedona Method’s David Ellzey: for more, find him on FB

HURRICANE SANDY: EMOTIONS and hurricanes in our relationships too:

Dear Friends and Loved Ones in the NorthEast and around the World.

Here are a few words about the East Coast US storm, letting go, and remembering who you are amidst it all. This is an important question. I hope you take the time to relax into these words and find a glimmer of clarity and even peace here, whether you are in the N
ew York area or on other continents.Hurricane Sandy has touched those I know and also spared many. I happen to be traveling right now so I have missed the storm, but I feel connected to those I care about and the many I don’t know who have lost homes, or worse, lost loved ones.How do we deal with real life tragedy and challenges, whether a weather storm or a hurricane of relationships? Where does letting go fit in to all of this?

1. FIRST AND FOREMOST, have compassion for yourself and your feelings. The body is our seeming location for life. When it feels threatened either directly or by world events that we make personal, emotions of wanting safety and control arise. Also we extend our identity of who we are outward from our body to our possessions, and thus when they are threatened we feel our ‘selves” to be threatened. The truth is we are not those posessions and we are even more than the body. However, when we lose things in a weather storm or relationship storm, there is still a natural sense of loss, and the body often feels at risk. Indeed it may actually be at risk in some circumstances. The goal is to be free of being run by emotions, and gain clarity to do what is needed with less effort and more calm…AND RIGHT HERE is the doorway to peace.

a. Whatever feelings arise: slow down, in fact, stop all activity and be with the feelings, whether fear, sadness, loss, anger or others. STOP, breathe and allow what is here ~ to be here. This means in this moment. Stop, lower your shoulders, breathe a gentle breath, and allow all images, sensations, and feelings to be.

b. Once you have done this, open yourself to any process of letting go that you desire: Holistic releasing, letting go of wanting control, or security, etc, “Welcoming the feelings” (free of resistance), or the “5th Way” of pure self-inquiry.

c. Be open to the possibility that whatever kind of storm has occurred, it has indeed occurred, and yes there are feelings, BUT ADDITIONALLY behind it all, there is also an unlimited YOU that witnesses it all, who can handle it and has, indeed, handled numerous storms of life before this one. This YOU can live through it, even be calm in it. Allow for both of these, the feelings AND the unlimited YOU, and you may find a calming effect. Do you notice how this includes feelings and does not try to change or fix them. In this “allowance” we can often find the calm or resolution we seek.

2. FROM THE FIFTH WAY PERSPECTIVE, First, allow all pictures and sensations to be here, then if you are ready, without going into your memory, can you actually locate the one who is in that story or issue? Do you require that story about the storm, your home, or relationships, in order for you to “be”, for you to exist? Notice who you truly are as awareness is here, whether or not any story exists. If the mind quiets a bit here, simply rest here.

I send you love and supportive thoughts for your calm and health through these times and any times of stormy weather.

For your greatest freedom,

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