Develop compassion, wholeness & stability

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About Susan Lambert, LCSW

Susan is a seasoned  psychotherapist and  teacher. In kind to her natural heart-warming techniques and extensive New York City experience, Susan is expanding to the global community.

Whether it is vocal work or therapeutic process that you are seeking, we can develop and grow together either online, on Skype or in the room or studio!


– Developing and practicing compassion and mindfulness

– Working with joy and focus

– Cultivating curiosity

– Learning to accept ourselves and others: the path to wholeness and stability


Upcoming Groups & Workshops

An intensive 4 week exploration into this complex and ever relevant subject!


An intensive 4 week exploration into the world of compassion and the practice of compassion in our lives



Sharing the heart is a simple practice that can be used at any time and in every situation. It enlarges our view and helps us remember our interconnection.

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Develop compassion, wholeness & stability

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