Group work is a powerful and effective modality for personal development and connection with others.

Group work is powerful and effective for people who want to explore their inner selves or who are struggling with any kind of internal conflicts or social issues. The power of group emanates from building a small and safe community in which to say anything, to listen and feel support and to share in like minded experiences.

We not only learn that others have many of our same feelings, doubts, worries and issues. We also all have the capacity to discover insight, become stronger and develop tools, balance, humor, perspective, joy and focus: and in group we do this together.

Upcoming Groups: 4 Week Intensives

My innovative four week topic focused workshops have revolutionized the group process for participants for the last 8 years. We work intensively, dig deep and along with face to face meetings, participants complete “assignments” each week which include answering questions, free writing, watching videos or reading articles and by the end of only 4 weeks, we have built a close working community around relevant and important topics of our times.


  • All of Me, on intimacy in relationships of all kinds (one section is for individuals, one for couples)
  • Body and Soul, for women on the mind/body/heart connection
  • Change, the ever turning wheel of life
  • Practicing Compassion; towards ourselves and others
  • By Myself, on Aloneness
  • Not a Shadow on the Wall, on confidence
  • The Perfect Storm Within, on anxiety
  • Lost and Found, for new moms
  • Side By Side, on parenting toddlers
  • Secrets, on keeping secrets and the ripple effects
  • Self Care Boot Camp
  • But Stress is my Best Friend, on how to quiet our daily processes
  • Stranger in a Strange Land, for members who have moved to a new culture

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