Corporate Groups and Workshops

Groups and Workshops for Startups and Corporations

Innovative, transformational and practical workshops for executives and their teams seeking to elevate their performance and that of their organizations.

“Firing inspiration, increasing creative energy and deepening professional fulfillment!”

Sustainable  advancement and fulfillment comes when your professional growth is aligned with your personal values and skills. In the complex and ever changing workplaces of today’s world, there are many paths to success – all of them require a commitment to continued learning, experimentation and self-transformation.

My 4 week workshops enhance and stimulate your capacities to evolve, advance and thrive with your team, in the larger corporation and the complex world around you

Group work  facilitates connections between individuals on teams and in the working environment and provide a creative and focused way to solve problems and to re-shape ways of working that can both relax the work environment and increase productivity. Group work on site brings a new energy into your work space and can revive, strengthen and vitalize the collective energy of your business!

I offer many short term groups, either 4 , 6 or 8 weeks which meet an hour a week and cover a range of topics including but not limited to:

– Stress management

– Motivation

– Creativity for wellness

– Body/mind connection

– Unleashing potential

– Finding new momentum

– Deepening and strengthening leadership

– The Art of Collaboration

– Inspired  Imagination

and more, custom designed or individual consultations according to your needs.


” Our workshops on stress management with Susan changed the way I approach my work and the way I interact with my co-workers and has taught me how to energize, problem solve and work on my own issues before bringing tension to the workplace! ”

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“While I was quite hesitant about group work at first, I quickly found it to be a tremendously rewarding experience. I have learned so much about myself and about the compassion of others and feel simultaneously challenged and supported by this wonderful group of peers. Having the opportunity to discuss and investigate mutual issues creates a true sense of community and has opened my eyes to the common struggles that we all share.”– NYC Group Member

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