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Groups in New York City are a powerful and effective tool for development

Group work is powerful and effective for people who are curious about or struggling with any kind of internal experiences or social issues. The power emanates from building a small and safe community in which to say anything, to listen and feel support and to share in like minded struggles. We not only learn that others have many of our same feelings, doubts, worries and issues. We also all have the capacity to find insight, become stronger and develop tools, balance, humor and perspective: and in group we do this together.


Practicing Compassion

When: April 2015

Where: Manhattan

An intensive 4 week exploration into the world of compassion and the practice of compassion in our lives

Body and Soul, for women

When: April 2105

Where: Manhattan

An intensive 5 week exploration into how we see and experience our selves and others through the lens of our bodies and minds: for women!

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“While I was quite hesitant about group work at first, I quickly found it to be a tremendously rewarding experience. I have learned so much about myself and about the compassion of others and feel simultaneously challenged and supported by this wonderful group of peers. Having the opportunity to discuss and investigate mutual issues creates a true sense of community and has opened my eyes to the common struggles that we all share.”– NYC Group Member

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