11 Jul 2012

Guest Blogger Robin Simmonds on Yoga and Meditation Practice

Robin Simmonds, yogini, body worker and student of meditation reflects on her experiences with practice:

“My yoga and meditation practices have brought me to the brink of a new understanding of myself that has subtly pervaded me.

My eyes have been opened through my practice, my brilliant teachers and the profound teachings of the Yoga Sutras and the Dharma to a way of being that now inspires and motivates my practice.

My motivation to practice now is not to “fix” myself, or get attention for well executed yoga poses, but to simply be aware of my experience and the myriad of subtle thoughts, sensations and the shifting nature of the mind and heart. I have given up the futile attempt at creating a state of bliss or continual “happiness” which only creates more frustration when not achieved.

My shift in approach has created a much kinder, more compassionate practice for myself and has actually helped dismantle some of the dis-ease, but it is definitely not an instant cure for what ails me. I try now to look at my inner turmoil with friendly, curious

eyes and not try so hard to be a ” good” meditator or yogi, but a more honest, humorous yogi. I think of the simultaneously childlike enthusiasm and candor of the Dalai Lama and it inspires me tremendously.”


Thank you Robin!!

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