12 Nov 2014

If You Could Hold Success in Your Hands….

In the practice this month we did a 4 week workshop called “ Not a Shadow on the Wall”, on confidence.

We explored many dimensions of this and in the last assignment that the participants got from me, I asked among other questions… “ If success were something you could hold in your hands , what would it be?.

These are their answers…..

It looks like a star, it’s pretty, bright and shiny, golden in color, it twinkles, it has it’s own light source

I’m grappling with a few different ideas of success, so I would say either something like an extremely full heart or something a diamond, that is strong, incredibly valuable and shines light on everyone around it.

It feels like a very beautiful, round, smooth stone you find while walking on the beach. When you hold it in your hand you can feel it’s weight — the weight of everything it took over years and years to create this stone. Violent waves crashing over it smoothed it down gradually. And it will continue to change over time.

Its not too heavy, and should not make you tired. But its not so light and that you aren’t sure if you are actually holding anything.

Feeling like you are on top of the world and nobody could touch you or bring you down. Achieving your goals. Feeling 100% content with zero doubts.

I think it would be smooth and clear. Solid and have light. Physical qualities that transfer to figurative

It’s something that warms my heart and calms me. It’s small and innocent. With nurturing it will grow to be big and strong and helpful. It’s my son’s hands.

It would be a bright, shiny object, maybe even a stone like a diamond and would have a lot of light reflecting off of it.

Thank you Warriors!!

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