19 Jan 2014

New 4 Week Intensives Forming in Athens, Greece in February/March 2014!!

                                      4 week Intensive Workshops Coming up in February in Athens!


– ” Body and Soul ” , for women; exploring the body/mind/heart connection

This is not a group which focuses on the usual “body for women” groups on weight or eating habits. It is instead open to exploring any issues at all for each of you and/or all of us that have to do with our relationship with our bodies; our skin, our energy, our limbs, our brains, how we use our body, sexuality, weight , pain, limitations, myths and more! How do we connect our bodies with our minds and then our minds with our hearts? What does it mean for each of us?

We want to dig in deep in this intensive time to get some idea of how our minds affect how we use, see and experience our bodies; how we make connections between what we think and how we feel physically; to examine our beliefs about ourselves and about others and how we might integrate our concerns as well as our strengths in this arena.

This workshop is designed to open our hearts to ourselves and eachother in the realm of mind/body/heart connection and exploration!

From a Former New York City Member:

” Participating in Susan’s Body and Soul group was a wonderful way to explore mind- body-heart issues that many women grapple with. Susan supplements four intensive weeks of honest and open group discussion with at-home “assignments” – readings and videos from a variety of authors and experts – focusing on opening your heart, being present, and being mindful. While more thought-provoking than therapeutic, the group work was a great complement to my one-on-one therapy with Susan and I recommend it to anyone looking to explore their relationships, both internal and external. ”

This 4 week intensive workshop will begin the week of February 24th and the night/day and time will depend on participants’ scheduling needs.

The fee is 20 euros per one hour session: Total for 4 weeks: 80 euros


– ” Change, the ever turning wheel in life “

Change occurs at many crossroads throughout our lives, either because of decisions we make or life circumstances. How do we navigate change? How do we feel about it? What happens to us as we go through changes, both large and small; life changing and day to day. How do we feel ourselves changing , growing, evolving and what tools can we develop to stick with the process, ourselves and others?

How do we remain conscious and buoyant through deep change and can we cultivate deeper consciousness about the changes we can make on our own behalf?

From a former New York City member:

“ The change group helped me understand how I felt about and reacted to change. Doing a deep dive into this topic helped me understand a lifetime of thoughts and behaviors I’ve had around change – things I never could understand or explain before. After the sessions, I now feel like I can handle change in a much different way. I think it opened several doors for me to be more comfortable with changes in my life. “

This 4 week intensive workshop begins the week of February 24, night/ day and time depending on participants’ scheduling needs.

Fee is 20 euros per session; Total for 4 weeks: 80 euros


– ” Practicing Compassion , towards ourselves and others “;

This very challenging and rewarding group study on the art and the practice of compassion brings us into the realm of learning to face reality, ourselves and others without myths or resentments or expectations , but rather to see clearly what and who is in front of us and how to interact in the world with a deeper sense of connectedness to humanity.

from Pema Chodron:


” Just as nurturing our ability to love is a way of awakening bodhichitta, so also is nurturing our ability to feel compassion. Compassion, however, is more emotionally challenging than loving-kindness because it involves the willingness to feel pain. It definitely requires the training of a warrior.

Compassion practice is daring. It involves learning to relax and allow ourselves to move gently toward what scares us. The trick to doing this is to stay with emotional distress without tightening into aversion, to let fear soften us rather than harden into resistance.”

From a Former New York City Group Member:

“This group really opened my eyes to how practicing compassion helps us slow our negative reactions and responses, take things less personally, and increase emotional

resilience. The group discussions have led me to understand compassion as more expansive and less transactional then forgiveness or kindness. As much as it is about softening our hearts to others, it is also a powerful way to care for ourselves.” –

This intensive workshop begins the week of March 3 in Athens! Day/ Night and time depending on participants’ scheduling needs.

Fee is 20 euros per session; Total: 80 euros for 4 week workshop.


-” Anxiety: the perfect storm within “

We will explore anxiety, unpack it, locate all the areas of our lives that our anxiety affects us in and learn some tools and strategies together to begin to manage and reduce the symptoms and interferences that anxiety causes us. Working in a group is a powerful way to confront the mysterious and debilitating nature of anxiety!

An additional bonus in this workshop will be an added 3 hour Saturday afternoon workshop, incorporating one hour of creative work, one hour of Iyengar yoga with a certified Iyengar teacher, specifically for anxiety and an hour of basic meditation exploration and practice!

From a former New York City member:

” In the anxiety group I met other women my age, lovely, confident, successful, seemingly composed, but all suffering in this same state. Seeing my peers work on overcoming their anxiety made it much easier to deal with my own, and also made me more confident in myself. Sometimes I gave advice, sometimes I received it, and other times I was content just to listen and learn.

The most valuable part of it all was just to realize the isolation I had felt for such a long time was an illusion– Many, many people suffer from chronic anxiety. Sharing with just a few of them completely changed my outlook. ”

This 4 week intensive workshop begins the week of March 3 in Athens! Day/Night and time depending on participants’ schedules; and one Saturday for the 3 hour workshop section.

Fee is 20 euros for each week session and 40 euros for 3 hour workshop. Total: 120 euros


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