14 Feb 2013

New 5 week Intensive ” Body and Soul ” Group Beginning Soon!!

This is not a group which focuses on the maybe usual “body for women” groups on weight or eating habits. It is instead open to exploring any issues at all for each of you and/or all of us that have to do with our relationship with our bodies; our skin, our energy, our limbs, our brains, how we use our body, sexuality, weight , pain, limitations, myths and more!
We want to dig in deep in this intensive time to get some idea of how our minds affect how we use, see and experience our bodies; how we make connections between what we think and how we feel physically; to examine our beliefs about ourselves and about others and how we might integrate our concerns as well as our strengths in this arena.

This workshop is designed to open our hearts to ourselves and eachother in the realm of mind/body connection and exploration!

5 weeks, $25 a session

Come and join us for this journey! Come and join us for support, laughter, revelation and process; consciously and full of curiosity! suzeelambert@yahoo.com

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