19 Jan 2014

New Friday Lunchtime ” By Myself “, on alone-ness beginning in NYC January 31

New 4 Week Intensive Group Forming :

“ By Myself “, on alone-ness; for an hour, an evening, several months or years. How do we feel when we are alone? Do we like it, or need it, or crave it ? Do we avoid it at all costs? How do we spend time with ourselves and what can we learn when we are alone? Does being alone feel automatically “ lonely “ ? Is alone time de-briefing time from the mainstream day to day? Do we feel alone in relationships?

We will explore our experiences of alone-ness: what it means to us, how we experience it, tools for enjoying this time, learning from it and how to be comfortable with it. We will do some work on what is going on inside us, and bringing warmth and light to our inner lives and share these topics with eachother.

Because of abundant responses for the Tuesday Evening group which began last week,  a new section of this group is happening on Fridays at lunchtime beginning January 31 in the downtown Manhattan office, Time will depend on participants’ schedules and we do occasionally change the evening if someone has a conflict with work.
Fee is $30 per session.

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