Ten years ago I began to offer Skype therapy primarily for convenience, flexibility and accessibility to my clients with busy schedules or housebound or in various global time zones – and while Skype has proved incredibly helpful in all these situations – I have discovered Skype online therapy to be a dynamic and powerful healing tool in its own right.

Skype therapy can reach across the boundary of unfamiliarity toward an intimate sharing relationship while at the same time maintaining a wide open safety zone.It is a set up that gives us calm, close, clear and connected energy that actually soothes and holds and helps pace the 45 or 50 minutes.

In addition to processing and sharing information, telling stories, gathering data and history and working on strategies together, another beautiful benefit of a skype therapy session can be its meditative quality. Because we are holding a close eye contact and are more relaxed, each in our own comfortable space, a moderate consistent level of speaking is created, which I have found to be beneficial and extremely helpful in the practice of quieting the mind.

Skype therapy is a dynamic and yet safe way to explore and practice closeness; to actually experience the healing that is generated from sharing, revealing, opening and learning to trust; like a poetry of wellness, the experience of closeness lingers long after the session, resonating throughout your own environment.

Making therapy a priority is a necessary part of the practice, however with never ending commitments and packed schedules it’s sometimes difficult to do. Having therapy sessions via Skype makes it easier to fit sessions into a packed schedule. The work is as meaningful and deep and transformative on Skype as it is in the office!
— Anna, client in weekly Skype therapy for five years
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Benefits of Skype Online Therapy

  • Protected psychic and physical space
  • The contained small environment creates a holding feel to the interaction that is immediate and close up
  • Encourages those with introvert tendencies to share and step into the waters of therapeutic process without feeling like they’re in a freefall without any defenses
  • Creates a space for learning to focus and pay attention
  • Gives new energy to the place you live in. We live in an ever expanding technological era – the internet is opening new and unimagined doors, and is giving us another way to enter and be in the therapeutic relationship – Skype therapy is proving to be a new dynamic modality.
After my Skype session, I can stay in a quiet space and allow my insights, feelings, thoughts and learnings to settle and become absorbed with less distraction and less disturbance…
— Phil, client in weekly Skype therapy

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