11 Jul 2012

Guest Blogger Carrie Owerko on Spiritual Practice

My inspiring yoga teacher Carrie Owerko’s beginning of a blog entry on “ practice”:

“How does our practice become our own practice? One that is created from and supported from within? Who is the one who will always be with us, inside of us, holding the space, the sacred space that allows for the intimate observation of our breath, our life, even at the time of our very last breath, the very end of this life? How intimate are we with this innermost host? Do we have time for this relationship? Underneath all the other voices, the voices of our parental figures and teachers and all with whom we have been in relationship, underneath all of those voices, the chattering, poking and prodding cacophony of our histories, is a silence and a space that holds our innermost host or teacher. It takes real courage to hear and feel this silence, and then to see and listen into all that is revealed. What if we don’t like what we see? Or it doesn’t take the form we expected?.....”

Continue reading this entry at carrieowerko.com ( a fantastic website!)

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