28 Jun 2012

The “Working” Wall , from Guest Blogger Ryan LeMere

The working wall isn't so much about "work" as it about process. I call it such only because it can never really be finished, but rather it lives in a constant state of working and transformation.

This wall, which is a section of my bedroom that I have covered in large sheets of paper, serves as a home base for inspiring messages, collected images, and gentle reminders. It's more than just a scrap book or the increasingly popular "vision boards." In the past I have made vision boards, only to find them dusted and forgotten beneath papers tucked in the closet. The Working Wall, "works" per sé because it's always there. Some mornings I'll wake up and stare at it blankly. Sometimes after work I'll see it and want to add another word, or goal. It doesn't matter whether it's being constantly touched or read, as long as it's there it silently plants little seeds of inspiration. For me, I like to have a section for inspiring words, a section for things I'm grateful for, and a section for practical, tangible things I want to do. For anyone else, it's up to them to find out what works. As long as it's large (big, free spaces facilitate big, free thinking), visible, and accessible.

In any case, The Working Wall is not there to necessarily shift or change my feelings, but rather give insight and purpose to the ones I'm experiencing. With words like "Curiosity" in big penciled letters, It's about both generating positive thoughts, and simply accepting negatives ones. It's as simple as stumbling upon a bit of focus after a long day on the job. It's about seeing, striving, acknowledging and accepting all at once.

By Guest blogger Ryan LeMere


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