11 Jul 2012

Guest Blogger Jennifer Rau on Practice as an Actor/Writer

And here is screenplay writer and actor Jennifer Rau's idea about practice:

" 'Practice makes perfect.’ Oy. Let's break it down. Definition of PRACTICE - from Merriam-Webster online

transitive verb 1 a : carry out, apply “ practice what you preach “ b : to do or perform often, customarily, or habitually “ practice politeness “

I believe in practice. It is the only way I have found to combat my dreaded "p" words: procrastination and perfect. My fear of not being perfect leads me to procrastinate and has often kept me from practicing everything that I desire to do wonderfully, stirring me into a frenzy of the mind that can only be halted by:


By just sitting down, standing up, lying down and doing it. I realized recently that all of my creative endeavors: acting, writing, and singing are easier done than worried about. And the doing is a practice. A practice of honoring myself, my voice, my potential; by practicing.

Does practice make perfect? I think it does, if we believe in the perfection of expansion and progression and of honoring our expression in the world.”

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