Vocal Study: Working with Joy and Focus

Vocal Study: What to Expect

In my vocal studio, my private and group class students have included seasoned artists from all genres: Broadway, pop and contemporary, opera and jazz; as well as developing professionals, young students and people who simply love singing! Our work focuses on developing a strong technique that builds health and longevity and works through joy!

Locates your true voice and develops power and flexibility

Expands range and depth of tone and builds color and versatility

Every singer learns to move through any genre or style with ease and confidence. We work with joy and focus!

Lessons include intensive technical work and its application to repertoire, auditioning, roles, and styles. I encourage students to work on stress reduction, get regular exercise, and embrace the practice of music of all kinds!

I am also available for cabaret and concert consultation as well as career coaching!

My Inspirations

At 14, I  began  my serious studies as an actor and singer at the Arena Theatre on Cape Cod, mentored by talented professionals who created a powerful template for teaching and inspiring performers. In creating their combined theatre company and school, they dynamically joined rigorous training with generous encouragement, and side-by-side performance with students. I went on to train at University and Conservatory level, graduated and gained more knowledge of the craft of singing and experience in performance.

I have emulated that form throughout my 30 year career performing, teaching, and designing and implementing training programs and performance opportunities that unite teachers with students in challenging and adventurous ways. I have enjoyed an international career in theatre, on concert and cabaret stages, and in the recording studio: continuing my learning process! I maintain a serious yoga practice, study meditation and write songs. My instrument is my whole body, my mind, my heart and my creative self as is yours!

Working Together

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In Person Vocal Training

45 Min Coachings start at $125
See a complete list of rates.

•Individual technique lessons
•Individual coachings on repertoire
•Develop Confidence and Ease, no matter what the style or context

Online Vocals

Sessions start at $60
See a complete list of rates.

•30min. consultation on technique issues or repertoire
•1hr coaching on technique and repertoire choices
•1hr coaching on career path and professional artistic identity

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Vocal Workshops

Workshops start at $60
See a complete list of rates.

•Held in New York City, Athens, and Warsaw
•Fully Integrate Acting & Singing
•Learn to Work on a Song as you would a Scene
•Develop Confidence and Ease, no matter what the style or context

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“Susan’s voice technique gave me freedom in my singing voice I had never experienced before. She approaches the work from many directions—physical, intellectual, emotional, and visual—to discover the organic instrument, understanding that different means speak to different students.



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